‘Wheel of the Devils’ 3. 2020. Multi-dimensional.

Lamp shade, candle, silicone, paper, wax, wood, metal turntable, bed sheet, latex and rotisserie motor.

I see someone’s shadow from the gap between the floor and

the door at the toilet and it scares me.


Is anyone there?


It is haunted, you can’t find anyone there yet, you have the feeling that someone is

watching you,

invading your private sphere.

‘Wheel of the Devils’ 2. 2020. Multi-dimensional. Lamp shade, paper, silicone, wood and metal turntable.

The selection of mediums is derived from the actions that Korean feminists filled up holes

in toilet walls with silicones and tissues to protect themselves from the hidden recordings,

how some men watch illegally recorded videos of women in private and

how the hidden recordings and even using the public toilets cause every woman in Korea to feel unsafe, especially since a murder took place near Gangnam Station, the killing of an innocent woman by a random man in a toilet near the station, one who had no relationship or

connection to the victim.

The reason I used the lamp shades as a body of the zoetrope is that lamps are the objects usually located next to the beds, especially, the typical type of lamp I chose is generally placed in a bed room. Bed rooms have been perceived as the most private space after toilets.

In such safe and private space, some men watch pornography illegally on their bed and

fall asleep as dreaming of committing sexual activities with women; while some women are terrified after noticing someone is attempting to text her and that someone seems to know who she is, where she is living, and how she looks.


Some men’s sweet dreams are some women’s nightmares.

‘Wheel of the Devils’ 1. 2020. Multi-dimensional. Lamp shade, plunger, tissue, paper, wood, and metal turntable.

“to consider what is it about voyeurism that makes it

deviant, is it the looking, is it the invasion of privacy, is it our concern that we have been seen doing something embarrassing, or is it based on our assumptions about what people use that visual information for?”- Duff, S. (2018).Voyeurism. A Case Study. 1st ed. Palgrave Pivot, p,17.

Action 2020. 

[ Documentation of the Process ]

 © 2020 by Jihye Baek.