The Shape of Air.  


Wool string, candles, wax, glossy gel medium, wooden sticks, plaster bandage, acrylic and

aluminium wire forms.

Air pollution has been seriously considered as a global topic in the past decade.

Thus, I aimed to create a platform to prompt people to contemplate how air pollutants affect creatures living

in this planet. This idea led me to create an art work based on the shape of human lungs and glaciers.

At the first WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health in 2018, the director general of the WHO stated

“Air pollution is a silent public health emergency, killing 7 million people every year and damaging the health of many, many more”.

Inspired by his words, I added minimized sounds of air pollutants caused from our daily life and people’s

voices urging the global concerns on climate emergency to my artwork, in order to highlight

the silent and critical effects of air pollution to the environment.

I applied the idea of holding time and in turn, it resulted in my artwork including static and dynamic features.

This work was presented in a show called “Mankind is a God in Ruin”, Candid Arts Trust, London.

 © 2020 by Jihye Baek.