Selfish Aliens



Expanding foam, clay, gloss gel, tube, magazine and pencil

‘Living in society requires us to adapt ourselves in an environment and live interactively with elements surrounding us, such as social life, cultures, regulations, and so on. When it comes to dwelling in a community, we easily find ourselves following the flow of society and seldom assert ourselves due to the care of how to be perceived and the considerate attitude towards others. This inclination has existed since the first time human started to live collectively and reciprocally; it resulted in the concept of ‘natural attitude’ to associating with environments.

What is the natural attitude in the context? The term can be explained as the attitude (tendency) generating a beneficial consequence to everyone. We have been taught that being kind and selfless is essential; thus, it causes resistance to selfishness and taking the word negatively. Besides, as there is a guideline of bahaviours to be able to assimilate society, the unconscious anxiety of deciding on an individual’s action profoundly places in our mind.

Is it possible to be selflessly selfish?

If it is, what extent of action could be accepted as self-caring?’ _ from a group discussion about ‘Self-sustainability and Individual Acts in Society’


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