Korean Conception Dreams version.1



Latex, magazines, fabrics, fake flower, and PV film

두 개의 작품은 ‘태몽 시리즈’로 < Korean Conception Dreams version 1 >은 여자아이 태몽, 그리고 < Korean Conception Dreams version 2 >는 남자아이 태몽과 관련되어 있다. 

태몽은 우리 세대보다는 부모님 세대, 혹은 그 전의 세대들에게 좀 더 친숙한 단어이지 않을까 싶다. 나는 이토록 오래된, 잊혀 가는 것을 주제로 다룸으로써 관객들이 ‘전통 사회에서 생겨난 개념’들이 현재 ‘우리가 살아가는 세상’에 무엇을 남겼고 어떤 영향을 미쳤는지를 생각할 수 있는 기회를 만들고자 한다.


‘태몽’을 통해 아이의 성별을 예측하고 남자아이가 아님에 실망 혹은 아쉬워해야 했던 시대는 우리가 사는 이 시대와 많이 다르다고 모두들 자신할 수 있을까? “꽃을 꿈꿨다면 화사하고 아름다운 여자아이를 가질 것이오, 호랑이와 용을 꿈속에서 보았다면 당차고 용맹한 남자아이를 가질 것이다.” 태몽에 내포되어 있는  남자와 여자에 대한 일차원적인 이미지가 잠재적으로  오늘날의 젠더 롤 혹은 사회 고착화되어있는 여성과 남성의 이미지 형성에 일조하지 않았을까. 

In my works, the archetype of a daughter and a son in Korea, especially that in my grandmother’s age, is expressed by composition and materials. 


Initially, ‘Korean conception dreams version 1’ being displayed by hanging on the wall or ceiling represents that as a daughter, broadly, as a woman in the house, we were not in the position of deciding something, even saying opinions. The flowers in the middle of the work symbolize the “ornamental” role of a daughter, in other words, from the past even up to now, family members do massively care for the looking of a daughter more than the attention to that of a son. In the present, it is certain that the situation of sexual discrimination in family has been a lot improved but the residue of the conventional idea on the gender role still surely exists in our society and domestic place. 


Regarding ‘Korean conception dreams version2’, the standing sculpture manifests the authority that you naturally have because you were born as a male. Let me make an example by quoting an old saying, “Man is a column in a house”, which remarks the importance of having a man in a house. Additionally, I would like to mention this “funny story”, when family eat fried chicken, mother says “the chicken wings are for daughters and the chicken legs are for sons!” (probably the chicken body would be gone for a father, then what does a mother eat? The neck of chicken). The reason for this unfair split can be found from which family woman will be belonged after marriage. Married women have to take part in husband’s family events, instead of going to her family events, particularly for new year’s day and thanksgiving day. In the past, people read the occurrence as daughters are people who will leave this family, therefore, I assume that giving chicken wings to daughters meant their leaving after their marriage. 

The chilly peppers in the head part of the sculpture are the one of the emblematic elements of the conception dreams for a son. Also, the word in Korean pronounces same as ‘penis’ in Korean, which I found it hilarious.

Korean Conception Dreams version.2



(approximately 36.5(H) x 15(W) x 25(D) cm, 42(H) x 19(W) x 19(D) cm, 71(H) x 40(W) x 22(D) cm, 25(H) x 33(W) cm)

Fabric, dried chilly peppers, latex, and bells

This work was presented in a show called "“Am I as joyous as I should be?”, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, London.

The background image was created by Isabella Chan and those who participated in the exhibition. 

 © 2020 by Jihye Baek.