Before Cloud Ponding

Cloud Ponding

00:14:06-00:15:05 : included actions of Hidden censorship & Self-censorship.

00:32:33-00:35:34 :included actions of Self- censorships & Agreed censorships.

After Cloud Ponding

Cloud Ponding


00:11:25/ 00:07:43/ 00:35:33:20. Video.

Sound recording by Elephant and 2 Butts.

Video recording by Pil kwon Lee.

The Elephant and 2 Butts (So yeon Kim and Ji hye Baek) presents a video work, 'Cloud Ponding', manifesting the process of censoring prejudices in conversations. During the collaboration they proceeded in the summer of 2019, at some point, they noticed numerous biases in their words, which was the starting point of this work. They decided to check out how many stereotypes are included in their conversation. 


The censorship is implemented within three stages.

In the first stage, during the recording, they put cotton in a transparent container placed in front of them whenever they noticed any stereotypes heard during their conversation. The point is that they didn't know whether or not the cotton was put in each other’s box as they were both blindfolded. Regarding the second stage of the process, they individually replayed the video work to censor their own words. For the final stage of the process, each of them reviewed the subtitles of their recordings distinguishing the parts which could potentially become stereotypes and misconceptions in the future. In total, their conversation was taken for around 7hours. In the video, people can notice that they started losing their control on what they say and speaking recklessly as time goes by, in comparison with themselves in the beginning of the process.

The essential message they attempt to convey is that people should be more conscious and careful with the way they speak, namely, “Words should be weighed, not counted.” (Jewish old saying)

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